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May. 11th, 2011

evil laugh

(no subject)

Guess who is (most likely) actually going to make it to D*Con this year? *happy dance*

Feb. 13th, 2011

evil laugh

Not sure if I've posted at least one of these before

The other I know I haven't posted. Behold, both my DeviantArt and my Blogger, well, blog. - Mostly whatever of my pictures I think happen to turn out pretty or that simply amuse me. Has token pictures of my costumes, but that's not really the focus. - My costuming blog. Right now it's a little skimpy, but I'm working on posting useful tutorials of my own for people, as well as collecting tutorials/etc from other sites so people don't have to scramble all over the internet for info. Also have 3 costuming archives posts up right now.

Jul. 7th, 2010

evil laugh

Well I'm out of ideas

No idea where is left to post my stuff for sale. I seriously need the money (job hunt has been a grand total of zilch so far), and I'm quite frankly sick and tired of looking at this box full of stuff I no longer want. The ren fair stuff I've been trying to offload for over a year now.

So any ideas on where to list things? That don't charge for doing so? (I've had a couple of people curious on Craigslist, but they never get back to me. I don't make enough profit on my wreaths to list them on Etsy. I don't have the money to spare to list anything that might not sell on ebay. Myspace and Facebook Martketplace are pretty much worthless. IOffer confuses me.)

For those who may have forgotten, the list of stuff I'm trying to get rid of:
Wooden practice German Longsword
Green suede bodice
Black suede bodice
Red leather bracers
LARP/Belegarth shield
Vampire fangs (scarecrow brand, obviously never taken out of the box)
Halloween "skeletal horse" mask
Dark Jedi tunic (full RL standards, not just a dickey)

Jun. 17th, 2010

evil laugh

(no subject)

Today's awesome scores from Goodwill:

1 set of some sort of kid's spy glasses looking thing. (Not the Spy Gear stuff) $3. Going to cut off the portion that flips down over the glasses to use for my steampunk scientist's head set. Or my steampunk mando's. Not sure which yet.

1 pair of elbow length black leather gloves, wool lined, with the label "Aris of Paris". $2 I'm thinking my twi'lek would be able to use these. Plus, I think elbow length gloves are on the list of things every girl should have, along with stiletto boots. lol

1 NERF Longshot for Jonah. $3 It's missing the front extension, but otherwise seems in decent enough condition. As the Longshot was discontinued to make room for the Longstrike (which I want dammit. . it has an awesome barrel), the $3 price is a seriously good deal.

1 brown leather pouch. $1. Probably going to use for my twi'lek's Jedi outfit.

So, despite losing my lace for the steampunk mando's choker yesterday while I was out trying to color match it with things, at least today's haul made up for it. On to armor updates then.

- I gave up trying to find some usable leather at a price I could afford, and my mom was nice enough to buy me a yard of marine vinyl to finish the capelet. I will seriously be remaking it as soon as I have the money, but it works for now.
- The fabric for my wraps needs to be redone (they somehow came out too short to fasten), but all the armor plates for the wraps are finished. Just a matter of me feeling like taking the time to sit down and cut/align/glue the strips of fabric for some new wraps.
- Also went back to my old vest due to issues I do not have the time or money to solve with the new vest. Have to rearrange some bits of velcro and had to rework some of the plates for the bits of velcro that I couldn't move.
- All of the armor is at the very least base painted with the black. Most of the plates that are red are finished except some of the arm wrap plates as I have to do a bit of touch up work on those. Hopefully next time Jonah comes down I'll be able to airbrush on all the purple.
- Helmet is going to be awesome. Still up with Jonah but will be back in my possession next time he comes down. May have somebody who can send me a smoked visor for just cost of shipping; if so then I'm set for a new visor as well. . .if not, I'm having a hell of a time finding some smoked plexiglass, so I'll probably just put the green one in as a temp. solution.
- Weapons: blades for vibroblades are painted, just need to make the hilts. Have decided to convert the NERF Raider (using plenty of mods) into a sniper rifle. Managed to score a bipod for $5 on ebay, so waiting on that and some stuff to extend the barrel then I'll get modding.

Steampunk Mando
Got the lace for the overskirt/bustle that will be in the back over the kama. Also got some glass pearls to put on the choker, but, as I said earlier, I lost the lace for that. >_< Backplate has the first coat of paint on it; can't start anything else until I know what's going to have the pink vine work as I want to put that coat down first on those plates. Jonah's making the bes'bev (war flute), so I'm just trying to figure out if there was anything else I wanted for this kit.

Steampunk scientist/alchemist
9 glass vials with corks at Goodwill for $3. Still need to fashion a belt to carry them and also have to rig a couple of them with lighting systems with black light LEDs to make them glow. Have some sources for some welding aprons, still need to figure out the rest of my clothes for that outfit.

May. 11th, 2010

evil laugh


Stuff up for sale there. If you know anybody looking for: vampire fangs (scarecrow brand, new obviously), manchest united jersey, leather bracers, two bodices, send them there. Not listed are the german wooden longsword and LARP shield. I'll admit I'm rather desperate to sell these things. Literally after this weekend I will have a grand total of MAYBE $20 in my bank account. >_< While I've applied at FedEx Office (and I know my mom will try to nudge there all she can), it usually takes them about a month to even get around to hiring somebody, and I need money in the meantime. *sigh*

May. 9th, 2010

evil laugh

Costume stuffs

Current projects with a deadline follow:
Kora (need done by August 22nd)
Required changes- capelet (need black leather), gauntlets (up in the air. .currently modding some cups, if those don't work, making wraps out of old kama and attaching to pair of long gloves), sanding and painting completely new armor, new vest as old does not work with new armor, helmet (commando will hopefully be done before NWC picnic in August. .needs a lot of sanding, face shield to make visor as well as tinting)
Purely aesthetic changes - girth belt (will cobble together from left over fabric from capelet lining), overbelt
Finished changes: new boots (ankle boots still but can tuck pant legs into them thus ridding me of that issue), Galactic Marine knees done (just need purple)

Vaya (prefer to have wearable OoA kit by August 22nd)
Out of armor: everything needed except sash and possibly boots
Armor: will not be started for a while so no big deal here (metal = not cheap lol)

Steampunk (Prefer to have one wearable by Steamcon in November)
Mando: sand and repaint old plates (possibly make new chest plates), all soft goods needed, assemble bes'bev, helmet needed
Scientist/Alchemist: most clothing still needed, goggles need leather and lenses, need ammo belt for modding and glass vials
Have - purse
Michael's Pilot: need leather to make aviator hat, goggles need leather and lenses, most other clothes easily obtained from Goodwil

May. 8th, 2010

evil laugh


Does anybody have anywhere to post things for sale besides Craigslist that I don't have to pay for? I'm incredibly short on money right now and still trying to sell some of my costume bits I don't use anymore. But, because I don't run so much in the ren fair/belegarth/LARP circuit anymore, I don't have as many options for places as I used to. Any suggestions?

May. 4th, 2010

evil laugh

Imparting some wisdom

From one of my Merc friends on Facebook: "real love is when you realize who that one person you would go rescue is when the zombie apocalypse comes."

Truer words have never been spoken. XD

Feb. 24th, 2010

evil laugh

it's been too long. . .

Since I've posted a personality type quiz. So here we go:

Your result for The Steampunk Style Test...

The Officer

46% Elegant, 45% Technological, 27% Historical, 52% Adventurous and 43% Playful!

You are the Officer, the embodiment of steampunk’s military sensibilities. It is an inevitable fact that advances in technology find some way to advance warfare; indeed, it is often the case that military necessity provides the means of developing new technology. You may be attracted to the technological appeal of steampunk weaponry, or perhaps you enjoy the glamour of Victorian uniforms. You combine a readiness for danger and a technological aptitude with a very sharp sense of fashion. You may be an army engineer, a mechanized dragoon, or an airship captain, but regardless you approach fashion with military efficiency and with style.

Try our other Steampunk test here.

Take The Steampunk Style Test at HelloQuizzy

Feb. 12th, 2010

evil laugh

Costume stuff for sale

Before I move, I'm trying to clean out some of my old costume stuff that I never wear or use anymore. I have:

Black suede bodice w/ maroon trim, S/M - $30
Emerald green suede bodice, S/M - $30
Red short bracers w/ black celtic knot - $20
Belegarth round shield - $30
Wooden German longsword - $15

Also that skeletal horsething mask I had for Halloween is up for sale - $20

None of these prices include shipping (if you are out of my area), but I can promise that shipping is minimal due to my discount.

If you know anybody who is interested, please point them my way. I need the money, and I need the room.

More stuff may come up soon. . I have to see what other ren fair and bellydance items I no longer want.

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